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Icon meme!

Lina chose...

1. This is from a scene when Byakko is telling Hisoka that they're going out to get him a Shikigami! I ... think what he's saying in this is that he's not allowed to help Hisoka, because it's cheating. Or something like that.
2. This one is when Hisoka first sees his Brand New Shikigami! .... It's a cactus! In a cowboy hat! Byakko goes :o OOH IT'S RIKO and Hisoka goes :|
3. This is when Suzaku declares that they are going to THROW A PARTY! And Tsuzuki and Byakko go eeeee \o/ at each other.

- I haven't read the YnM manga so I guess I'm just sorta curious about Byakko's human form! When does he use it, ect.
Byakko uses his human form within GenSouKai-- the shikigami world. It's ... It's in the internet. We don't really think about it too hard. I don't know if he's capable of using it in the real world, but he's always in tiger form there, so.

1. This one I capped because-- he was smiling! In disk 1! And I was so shocked by this that I absolutely had to have an icon to commemorate the event. It's during the dance scene with Rinoa! I think that the people in charge of the FMVs and the people in charge of the script didn't have a lot of contact with each other.
2. The cropping behind this one is because ... that's where it cut his face off in the video! He's looking up at the random nonsensical symbolic feather that's falling. Incidentally, I went back and rewatched the ending FMV to check, and it amuses me that Squall-- makes jingling noises when he walks.
3. I THOUGHT THIS SCENE WAS SO COOL. Squall leaps off a roof with his weapon out, lands on his feet with no discernible injury, hijacks a car, then drives it through a crowd of people to get to Edea. THERE'S NO WAY YOU CAN'T THINK THAT'S COOL.

1. This is an in-game cap. 8D In Final Fantasy VII there is a slapping minigame! You control Tifa and press O to slap Scarlet. I never understood why Tifa didn't just punch her in the jaw, but hey. Minigame.
2. This is from a doujin that Cloud upped for me! It's, um, in moonspeak so I don't understand it, but Tifa is pretty. Here, iirc, she's just stopping by to say hi to Cloud. I imagine deep soulful talks occurred.
3. This is the aftermath of the Tifa vs. Loz fight in the movie. She basically kicks his ass, but then he-- cheats or godmodes or something and zaps her with his stupid glove taser thing. Then she passes out and Cloud finds her there like that.

1. This is when Malik is crazy! ... But pretending not to be! You can't tell in the icon, but he's holding Bakura. Anyway, he's all "do you know this guy? I think he's in trouble :(" And because the main characters are dumb, they all assume he's a good guy. TOO PRETTY TO BE EVIL, GUYS.
2. This is from the final final arc of the series. It has really bad animation. Sometimes the really bad animation has Malik make faces like those. At least it's not as bad as the faces Yami Bakura makes.
3. This is also from when Malik is crazy! He's MANIPULATING JOUNOUCHI to fight Yuugi TO THE DEATH. With card games. Anyway, he's-- obviously not directly involved there since that's not what Malik does, so he's chilling out on his boat while this goes on. This is one of the poses he makes during that time.

Midori chose...

1. This is how Byakko uses a computer. Um! They're all looking for Hisoka, who has gotten lost in GenSouKai, and there's a panel showing them all on their fancy shikigami computers. Byakko is upside-down.
2. This is just a generic "?". Context is Suzaku running towards him and Hisoka, being all HEEEEY.
3. I ... think this is in volume five. Let me check the context. Okay! Tsuzuki and Byakko are inside the storybook (... vv), and that's the face Byakko makes when he's just chilling.

1. This is from a doujin! ... I ... can't read it, but I think the basic plot is Irvine is being an annoying jerk and taking pictures of Squall for some reason. Squall makes this face in what I assume is an attempt to ask him politely not to, and then smacks the camera out of his hands in the next panel.
2. This is from the ending! Uh, I'm not entirely sure what really went on, but for some reason Squall ended up in a deserted wasteland. He then proceeded to spend god knows how long wandering around. That shot is when it pans out to show the wasteland in a very "man, Squall, you're so boned" way.
3. Another doujin! From the pictures, it looks like Quistis and Selphie are teasing Squall about something ... probably a relationship. I would say 'with Rinoa' but since it's a yaoi doujinshi and Rinoa appears to be completely absent, it's probably with Seifer. Anyway, Squall gets up and leaves.

1. This is from near the beginning of the Varia arc. Tsuna's just been told that STEP TWO of his training is . . . to knock Basil out. It's pretty much established that at that point in time, there's no chance of him doing that the first time around. Anyway! This particular panel is Basil's side of a split-screen page ... thing.
2. This is from earlier on. Basil has just come from fighting Squalo for at least a few hours then being thrown off a building. He's kind of roughed up! Hence the blood and the panting and stuff. In this panel he's offering Tsuna the box with the (fake) half-rings in it.
3. This is the most hilarious screenshot ever. In the foreground is Squalo! He's already beat the crap out of both the shoutas in the background. I iconned it because it made me laugh.

1. This is from when Tifa's getting a phone call from Reno at the beginning of the movie. I ... thought the composition of the shot was pretty, so I iconned it!
2. This is from a doujinshi. I have no idea what Tifa is saying, but she's making a nice face at Cloud, so I assume it's something like REMEMBER THAT WE'LL ALWAYS STAND BY YOU or ... you know, the kind of thing you say to Cloud.
3. Movie! This is after the magical healing godmode Aeris rain falls, and Tifa looks up at the raindrop and says something to the effect of 'you were there all along, weren't you?'. It's very pretty and symbolic.

1. This is what Malik's back looks like. When he was ten, his dad carved that onto his back with a hot knife! ... And it pretty much drove Malik crazy! I can't remember the exact context of the screencap, but it probably has something to do with killing the Pharaoh.
2. This is part of Malik's Cunning Plan to kill Yuugi. He has a lot of them. This is the one that almost worked! As part of the plan, he went and made friends with Yuugi's friends, then had some of his goons come and attack him, so then Jounouchi ran in to save him. And got beaten up too. Anzu got grabbed too. Anyway, that's the face he makes when people are ... kicking him I think.
3. This is from the same scene. I should mention he called himself 'Namu' here? And he made the weirdest faces. They're all :). Anyway, in this scene I think he's telling Jounouchi that OH MAN IT FEELS LIKE WE'RE ALREADY BUDDIES DOESN'T IT 8Db and Jounouchi is like YEAH IT DOES. I think the moral of this is that Yuugi's friends are dumb.

Cloud chose...

1. This is from when Hisoka first brings Riko (the cactus with a cowboy hat) back to Tsuzuki and the other shikigami! Riko proceeds to be entirely annoying and everyone sort of goes "..." at him.
2. Explained above!
3. Also explained above.

1. This is from a doujinshi cover-- I think it was, uh, Boogie Wonder Garden? It has everyone acting like retards, except for Squall, who is just taking a nap. Good show, Squall.
2. Explained above. o/
3. This is from the same doujinshi as #1 of Midori's, and it's the scene where Squall smacks the camera out of Irvine's hands. I iconned it because it made me giggle.

1. EXPLAINED ABOVE People like Malik's back.
2. This is when Malik's been kicked out of his body by his split personality. He then goes into Bakura's head because he brainwashed Bakura earlier on. He enlists Yami Bakura's help to stop his split personality from killing everyone, and when I say 'stop him' I mean that Malik basically wants his own body destroyed. It doesn't work! This scene is from right at the beginning of the Yami Malik v. Malik+Yami Bakura duel.
3. Explained above! Go go the bad animation. Also, he's wearing this.

Suzaku chose...

1. This is when Squall has been thoroughly topped into dancing with Rinoa. He fails a whole lot at first, and then miraculously gains +10 smooth while on the dance floor. I don't know. It's ridiculous. Anyway, this is him right before he gains +10 smooth points.
2. This is from a doujin! Squall is throwing a temper tantrum about ... something and leaving. I think it was probably something to do with Seifer being stupid.
3. Explained above. NAPTIME.

1. This is during Tifa's EPIC SEXY FIGHT with Loz. She's just been thrown clear across a room and into a wall! ... But she just lands on that wall like goddamn spider-man. It looks all glowy because it was too dark before so I added a screen layer but that made it too bright but I was too lazy to fix it.
2. SYMBOLIC RAINDROP! Explained above.
3. SLAPFIGHT which is also explained above.

1. Lol Squalo. Explained above!
2. This is from when Basil first appears in the manga. He turns to Tsuna and is all "uh sorry for leading the rabid shark RIGHT TO YOU sawada-dono" and Tsuna is like "what the christ-- WAIT A MINUTE THIS GUY HAS THE DYING WILL FLAME WUT." I'm not sure why I iconned it, because his face looks weird here.
3. This is the best thing the anime has ever done as far as I'm concerned. They added a scene to ... one of the episodes where after a long day of training, Tsuna basically passes out and Basil carries him home. I think it's adorable. L-lookit the sleepy Tsuna awwwwww.

1. This is Malik taking his shirt off. At the very end of the Battle City arc he shows Yami his back! Because the carvings on his back are some sort of magical memory-assisting device (...I'm not entirely sure what they do I just know they're important).
2. This is when Malik is manipulating Jounouchi and Yuugi to FIGHT TO THE DEATH. Yuugi uses his goddamn Jesus powers to crack right through the mind-control and Malik gets pissed off and throws a temper tantrum. That pose is when he's basically saying KILL HIM KILL HIM DO IT DO IT DO IT. (It doesn't work.)
3. Explained above again.


1. Reply to this post, and I will pick three of your icons for each of your characters.
2. I might ask specific questions about the icons! What context were they pulled from; what coloring technique you used, wtf is with those keywords, ect.
3. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
4. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
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