Malik Ishtar (yournameisbitch) wrote,
Malik Ishtar

Current State:
Byakko is zen. Byakko will always be zen. He's been at camp for close to two years now, and he is totally fine with it. Tsuzuki is here! That's about all the justification he needs to be totally happy. Byakko will never not be happy with camp.

Plans for the Future: K-keep doing what I'm doing! Someday line up Yami Bakura, Bakura and Genis all in a row. Pounce on more people. Playercest.

Posts to be Made: I can't really sustain a whole Byakkopost.

OOC Things: Byakko is my backburner, just because sustaining threads with him burns me out. I love playing him though, and I can't see myself dropping him (partially because I know you all only love me because I play a giant tiger, don't lie).

Current State:
Squall is disgruntled with camp. He'd like to get out, to be honest! He's been in worse places, but that doesn't mean he ... likes it here! If, say, his party were to come to camp HINT HINT he'd be-- not CHEERFUL by any means because he's SQUALL, but he'd be, you know, less of a total ass.

Plans for the Future: BE AN ASS TO EVERYONE I also want Squall to talk to Zack more. DO YOU SEE THIS, AVIY? Conveniently awaken, my psychic powers! And also Cloud and-- also playercest. Basically, meet more people.

Posts to be Made: DOOMTRAIN VS. BARRIER post, "itp we go '...'" post with Rude

OOC Things: Squall is easy for me to feel bad about, because he's at under 1000 comments and is a Main Character. However, he's also Squall, and actively avoids socializing, so I have no idea how to get him out there.

Current State:
Basil is pretty okay with things in general. He would like to get out! He would like to go back and ... make sure people don't think he's DEAD or anything. If he could get a message out to Iemitsu going MASTER MASTER I GOT ON THE WRONG PLANE AND NOW I'M IN LOUISIANA AND I CAN'T GET OUT BUT IT'S OKAY, ALSO EVERYONE ELSE IS HERE TOO, he! Would be 100% peachy keen. As it is, he's very ^^; about everything.

Plans for the Future: Get into a fight. Possibly with Tifa. Throw someone through a wall. Genderswitch and not change any of my icons.

Posts to be Made: N-no immediate posting plans.

OOC Things: YOU CAN TAKE BASIL FROM ME WHEN YOU PRY HIM FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS ... or so I say, but I haven't threaded with him at all this month. O frailty, thy name is me. I love Basil but playing him takes some effort on my part. Effort that I am not willing to expend lately. Ha ha ha.

Current State: ... ?
NAH Tifa loev camp! Cloud is here and Aeris is here. Zack is also here. Um. She should probably be over that by now, but I failed at actually playing it out. She misses her orphans, but ... yeah, that's about it. Camp is great.

Plans for the Future: OPEN THE BAR, get out more

Posts to be Made: OPEN THE BAR

OOC Things: asl;fjlwehjaslkfjashguirasldjgkl;dmfbp[aoseur0aspiohdglkdjadgad

Current State:
MALIK IS NOT SURE HOW TO FEEL ABOUT CAMP RIGHT NOW. On the one hand! .. ... .... Well, I guess some of the people are cool. ON THE OTHER HAND no family! W-whyyy. Malik misses them a whole lot. 8( He hopes that either time is really frozen back home or that he finds some way somehow to let them know that he's okay.

There's also uh, Bakurae. Which is odd. FLUFFY TOPS HIM BY EXISTING and he is kind of "...!!" at Yami Bakura, although he's not surprised that he got his own body since the Pharaoh did too. He doesn't really-- consider either one of them a BAD THING, because neither of them really registers as a threat. A-although seeing Fluffy going ^_^ makes him feel like a horrible person. DAMNIT FLUFFY.

Does Malik want to leave? ... Sort of! He would RATHER HIS FAMILY CAME TO CAMP THOUGH HINT HINT.

Plans for the Future: Uh, stuff. Talk with Yuugi and Fluffykura some more and be topped. Meet Tiny Bakura Genis. Hang out with Yami Bakura sometime maybe. Be online at the same time as Yami and talk to him, too. :(

Posts to be Made: ... Uuuum none planned!

OOC Things: N-new primary get.
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